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Professional carpet & rug cleaning in Portugal

Even if you are not sure exactly what kind types of carpets and rugs you have, your technician will examine them and determine the best way to clean them.

Synthetic/Mixed Fibre
For the majority of carpeting, we use hot water extraction cleaning, also known as steam cleaning. This is the most advanced and effective deep carpet cleaning method recognised by professionals worldwide and it is great for spot cleaning. And if it can’t clean a stain from a carpet, then nothing will!

Delicate/Natural Fibre
And what about that lavish oriental rug you keep in front of the fireplace? Well, that’s something we can help you with as well. When the carpet technician examines your items, he will determine if they should be dry cleaned or not.

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It would be a total shame if some accidental spill reaches your carpet after the professional deep cleaning. So, to protect your freshly cleaned items and prolong their life, your carpet cleaning technician can use the highly effective stain repellent on them. The repellent is applied evenly on the pile of each individual item and it will take some time for it to dry out, but it will later provide reliable protection against all kinds of stains by not allowing them to settle on your rug's surface. This way, your items will remain fresh much longer and they will be a lot easier to clean the next time.

Up to 6 months stain protection guarantee, recommended for high traffic areas + prolonging the life of your carpeting.
Insecticide Treatment

There are many bugs (such as carpet beetles and cockroaches) that find carpets comfortable. If you wish, your technician can treat your floor covers against certain pest bugs so you can be sure that you won’t have to deal with any creepy crawlies in the future.

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Definetly the best Carpet Cleaning Service that I ever requested. Professional maids, the best machines and equipment and ecologycal produtcs. Recommend!

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